New guide for the Chat add-on and updates to the Upgrade and Configuration Documentation

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Following the new release of eXo Platform 4.1.0, we on the DOC Team are happy to keep you excited with a series of updates to the documentation. Here they are:

Add-on Guide
Ready for discovering eXo Chat and IDE!


If you don’t know where to start with eXo Chat, read this chapter right now. Starting with the eXo Platform server setup, you will understand what an administrator needs to prepare for the Chat server stack. As an end user, you may ignore the server setup but focus on what is said in How to Use. Following the step-by-step instructions here, you will realize that collaboration has never been as easy as when you’re using eXo Chat – it’s very simple to change your status, to send instant messages to your contacts or your spaces, to create new group chats, and even to make video calls directly in the chat windows.

In addition, the whole content of IDE has been moved to this guide. By walking through this chapter, you will easily understand how to use this add-on efficiently, from the very first steps regarding installation and access to basic and advanced actions.

Administrator Guide
Minor but significant updates to Upgrade and Configuration

If you are about to upgrade to 4.1.0, it’s the right time! Configurations have been widely simplified since 4.0.7, so it’s important that you take a look at the Upgrade chapter again.

In addition, as part of the simplified configurations, the namespace of external properties has been changed to exo.. We hope that the new property names are now easier to manage for administrators. If you’re not yet familiar with these changes, don’t worry – we have prepared for it with a mapping between old and new names. Check it out, and don’t forget to review the Configuration chapter.

Many more improvements are already planned for our guides, especially technical topics. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you want. If any ideas come to mind, note them directly in the eXo Community – it’s our pleasure to consider your valuable feedback!

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