Work together in private workspaces through an array of contextual collaboration tools. External users can participate – they will only see spaces to which they are invited.


Video conferencing and chat

Video conferencing and chat capabilities are seamlessly integrated at the heart of the user experience. Launch a call and exchange with your coworkers from a workspace or from a chat room.


Project management & Tasks

Stay on top of your projects. Assign and follow tasks.

Create, assign and follow tasks for your project. Create project’s events and milestones using your project’s calendar.


Create project’s events and milestones using your project’s agenda. Link your agenda to your personal calendar


Online editing and document management

Organize, store, share and co-edit documents in the context of your workspaces. Each user also has a personal drive that can be used to federate their external drives (one drive, gdrive) in their digital workplace.


More than a set of collaborative tools

An all-in-on digital workplace

Software tour
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