Webinar – Learn how eXo used Codenvy’s Factories and Docker to speed development project on-boarding

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Last week, our very close friends at Codenvy announced a new version of their online IDE and we at eXo think it’s a game changer that will benefit everybody.

Along with the news, Codenvy released a great tutorial about “Creating an eXo Factory Using Codenvy and Docker”, which gave great details about how eXo, Codenvy and Docker can work together to give developers an easy way to code eXo add-ons.

See it live and in action with the webinar from Codenvy, next Wednesday, 17 December, from 10am to 11am PST. Register your seat now!

During this online event, developers will be able to see how we used Codenvy’s Factories with our built-in support for Docker recipes, to give developers a one-click easy way to begin coding eXo add-ons. Light on marketing but heavy on technology, developers will leave the webinar understanding:

  • How to construct Docker file recipes for rapid environment provisioning
  • How to tailor those Docker files to get the most out of Codenvy
  • How to use Codenvy’s powerful configuration files to automate construction of a developer workspace
  • How to use the Codenvy CLI
  • How easy it is to contribute to the eXo Platform

This webinar will be recorded and available to all registered participants.

Register your seat now!

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