Writing application for eXo Social with appEngine (so not in java but in python)

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eXo Social allows to create openSocial applications. So you no more need to write any line of java to create an application for eXo. The only thing needed is to respect the openSocial standard (xml, html and javascript). The backend, if there is a need of one, can be written in any language.

As an example, I wrote a simple code sharing application based on appEngine during the Google DevFest. Basically you enter the code you want to share, and the application give you a URL to share it with your friends. To allow to access to this application, I wrote a simple gadget that allows to enter some code, send it to the service and share the URL with my contacts. To achieve this, I just wrote few lines of python deployed on appEngine to exchange information in JSON with my gadget and only javascript, css and html in my gadget.

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