Restructuring a complete management system in a regulated environment
Codere is an international company that operates in the legal gambling sector and bases its activity on the management of bingo, gaming terminals, betting agencies, casinos and racetracks. It is present in 8 countries in Latin America and Europe. In Italy since 2,000, Codere is a major player in the sector since its 800 employees operate more than 6,000 gambling stations across the country.


From 2006 Codere became state dealer for telematic management of legal gambling. This means that it controls and administers a network of equipments and gaming terminals dispatched to all licensed gambling halls in the country: the Codere Network.

Codere had the imperative to better structure their internal processes and improve the capabilities of its software solutions to better serve business users. Essentially, this involved focusing on the execution of administrative tasks that had to comply with the legal regulations imposed by the regulator called AAMS.

The Codere team wanted a modern, robust foundation with enough basic features to help them focus on the requirements that are at the heart of their business.

Hence, Codere set the mission to rehaul from the ground up the Codere Network’s management system. At the forefront of this system would be a portal for both employees and clients that would provide centralized management of the entire network with full compliance with legislation.

Why eXo?

Faster development cycles and support availability

After considering another open source portal platform, the eXo Platform solution was chosen because it promised faster development cycle prospects. The availability of support was also a decisive point.
The off-the-shelf features allow us to focus on business needs as we leverage the core building blocks provided by eXo into our underlying business services.
Fabio Moro - Business & Application Manager
eXo Platform had all the building blocks that the team needed to get started. In addition, being a java technology, it matched the team's skills and was consistent with the other components of the system.

The impact

Operational efficiency and continuous improvement

Today, 7 years after the start of the project, the system is well established and continues to see regular changes to follow the legislation. Hundreds of users have access to the portal, and more than a third of them connect on a daily basis.

A strategy combining internal process optimizations and regular software evolutions has been fruitful: without sacrificing compliance with the rigorous processes required by the regulation, significant improvements in the fluidity of Codere's day-to-day operations have been observed.

By leveraging the core capabilities of the eXo platform, such as navigation management and access rights, technical teams have been able to focus on delivering business value. Thus, the speed and quality of system improvements has greatly increased.

With its experience, the team is now quietly considering the realization of a mobile version of the portal to meet the growing demand of users.
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