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Ressourcial is an alliance formed in 2013 between three non-prots in the medico-social sector in France: APF, ADAPT and OVE. The goal of the alliance is to build common tools for management and decision making. The tools and supporting methods are shared with the organizations that need them.


Find new ways to exchange

Collaboration, pooling of resources and the development of common tools are the raison d’être for Ressourcial.

Within some member organizations, the feeling was growing stronger that they had reached the limit in their use of messaging because the volume of email had become unmanageable. It was therefore necessary to introduce other methods of exchange.

For some people, the volume reaches some 100 emails a day, and for others, 250 or 300. This had become untenable. Other modes of exchange were critically needed.
We had long sought an Enterprise Social Network and conducted research to evaluate existing solutions on the market. eXo was the best by far.
Christian Viallon - Operational Director

Why eXo?

A exible, adaptable and economical solution

eXo is the perfect global communication medium for projects, organizations, professions or discussion groups. Thanks to collaborative spaces it is possible to get a consolidated view of the activity of the organization.

The eXo solution was also an ethical choice because it is an open source solution. Additionally, eXo Platform is highly extensible and available at an affordable price.

The whole team was involved from the start ... We did not have any particular concerns because the dynamics of open source are familiar to us since we have years of experience with it.
Christian Viallon - Operational Director

The impact

One step towards collaborative work

At rst, the educational support staff was rather reluctant to embrace the arrival of this new tool. Although quite young (25-35 years), this group did not spontaneously understand the benets of the solution for their daily work.

In contrast, areas dedicated to volunteers who manage the associations were found to be the most active. Well supported from the outset, this group of 55-75-year-old retired people - paradoxically deemed less comfortable with technology - has adapted to the solution very quickly because of a strong need to exchange.
We had not apprehended from the beginning the importance and role of facilitators.
Christian Viallon – Operational Director
Noting that the spaces that worked best were those that were well trafcked, management has quickly taken the lead by implementing a training and awareness campaign for everyone, which includes the proper management of collaborative spaces.

Now that users have adopted the tool, there are many who have taken the plunge into collaborative work. A year after launch the system has 1,500 users, including 200 daily users.
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