Manage your top down communications

Communicate simply and efficiently through content-rich webpages, news articles and social messages.


Give your employees a voice

Enable shares and reactions and enrich your editorial line with content curation from employee communities.

Centralize your company information

Centralize your company knowledge in one organized, searchable, easy to use platform, creating a single source of truth.


Manage internal communities

Enable your employees to create and nurture internal communities and facilitate social connexions.


How clients are using eXo Platform

« The platform is widely adopted by our employees thanks to its simplicity and ease of use, as well as the efficient support provided by exo platform »

Justin Paris, Director

National Gendarmerie Logo
« We deploy 100,000 officers around the world who need to be able to communicate continuously. RESOGend, our enterprise social network, really changed the way we work together. »

Lieutenante-Colonelle Marielle Chrisment, In charge of the digital mission

« Our digital platform helps us boost our group communication, connect our teams and collaborate more effectively on our projects. More than a tool, it's a new way of working »

Caroline Barbin-Siraudin, Head of Marketing & Corporate Communication

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