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Build a Customer Extranet

Build a Customer Extranet

Portal-based extranets allow enterprises to provide self-service tools, account updates, product news and more to customers and partners. eXo Platform enhances an extranet with knowledge management, collaboration and social features that encourage users to connect. Through this sharing of information across a user community, companies can collect customer feedback, identify product experts, and build a knowledge base. eXo Platform can also integrate third-party applications to provide a powerful, integrated dashboard for users and customers.

Customer & Community Relationships

Traditional high-touch tactics for retaining customers or gathering user feedback can be expensive and ineffective. An extranet that delivers regular, relevant communication - and encourages an interactive user community - can help enterprises improve customer satisfaction.

The Security of an Enterprise Portal

Using an enterprise portal as the foundation for a customer extranet provides users with a secure single point of access for managing their interactions.

Rich User Experience Features

Social networks, activity streams, forums, chat, and other collaborative features improve the stickiness of an extranet - while dynamic web content and document management allow enterprises to provide organized, updated information to customers and partners.

Dashboards & Extensions

Create a powerful dashboard for users by integrating other customer-oriented applications. eXo Platform can integrate third-party apps with portlets, gadgets, or by building custom extensions with REST APIs.

Video Demo: Connecting to an LDAP

eXo Platform utilizes the GateIn portal framework, which can be integrated with an existing LDAP to automatically populate intranet user information. Directory users' roles and permissions can be easily mapped for content access, administration features and more.

Learn how to connect GateIn to an existing LDAP directory in this Video Demo.

Video Demo: Creating Web Content

Web Content Management (WCM) tools have made website publishing accessible to nearly everyone. With eXo Platform's WCM tools, it is easy to launch and begin building web pages in minutes.

Learn how to create a new page and add content in this Video Demo.

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