Cerfrance is an associative network of consulting and chartered accountancy firms in France. It operates in several sectors, including agriculture, crafts, commerce, and liberal professions.
With 700 agencies throughout France and 59 regional and departmental entities, Cerfrance has a close geographical and cultural proximity with local economic players.

As a member of this national network, Cerfrance Seine Normandie has 600 employees spread over 4 territories.


The mission of the Cerfrance national network is to provide long-term support to entrepreneurs to ensure the success of their projects and steer the overall performance of their company.

Cerfrance Seine Normandie wanted to follow the same dynamic in order to offer its 600 employees the right tools designed for teamwork and cross-functionality.

The designated project team concentrated on two main objectives: Transform the existing intranet into a corporate portal and launch an enterprise social network and collaboration hub.

Why eXo?

After a series of product demonstrations followed by a two-month evaluation period, Cerfrance Seine Normandie decided that eXo Platform was the best fit for their project.
The platform combines social, collaborative, and knowledge management features that can help various teams to conduct their daily operations with ease and especially from any location.
In addition, eXo expert consultants were able to provide support and attentiveness to the project team in order to help them plan ahead and guarantee the adoption of the platform. The latter were looking for assistance throughout the various phases of the project, from mapping use cases and user personas and preparing a general adoption plan to deployment and continuous training.

The impact

The platform was introduced to a group of key users and decision-makers. These ambassadors were given the task of testing the platform and providing qualitative feedback on its various features.

Our solutions team thus accompanied these ambassadors in their adoption in order to prepare their communities before the official launch of the platform. For example, information previously organised on the company’s other website was transferred to the platform, thus ensuring that the following objectives were met: sharing of business information, building a shared knowledge base.

Our solutions team was present to analyse the first uses, key engagement and user behavior metrics, and to establish strong links with project members on the adoption of the platform.

The testing phase was successful, making “Concerto” the new digital workplace for 600 users in early September 2020.

After a few months of use, in a particular context with exceptionally long-distance support due to Covid-19, “Concerto” has been widely embraced by users in numerous departments. Its simplicity and ease of use have encouraged users to explore the platform and experiment with its features. The initial feedback has been positive, with users able to communicate with their peers, collaborate on projects, find information with ease, and more.
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