eXo Platform and Microsoft - does it work together?

eXo Platform is an independent digital workplace that competes with Sharepoint, Teams and Viva by Microsoft. Our integrations to Microsoft 365 focus on personal productivity tools, so that a user can connect his professional collaborative tools to his personal tools seamlessly. We also connect to Microsoft user management tools such as Active directory.

Users and authentication management with Active Directory

eXo Platform offers a deep seamless integration to active directory.

User information is synchronized. Groups in your ActiveDirectory can be mapped to eXo and reflect your application access policies.

Single sign on is enabled through SAML2 and Microsoft5 authentication.

Outlook, Calendar and One-drive integrations

eXo Platform provides a seamless integration to Microsoft personal productivity tools – outlook, calendar and one drive.

Directly save your attachments in your digital workplace and share activities.

Connect your personal calendar to your collaborative one.

Access your personal drive directly from your digital workplace.


Optimize your investment in Microsoft 365

Improve your employee experience

eXo provides an easy, consistent, user-centered employee experience while giving your users their personal Microsoft favorites.

Strengthen your company culture

Make your workplace yours through branding, company communications and integration to all your business applications.

Optimize your budget

With eXo digital workplace, you can use Office productivity suite for part of your users, while other users use eXo native suite or other solutions. That gives you better control over your budget and vendor choices.

Online editing with Microsoft 365 for all or part of your users

Edit documents online, directly from your digital workplace with Microsoft 365 or eXo native online editor. You can enable different online editing systems for parts of your users, depending on your licensing rights.

Federate multiple systems in a consistent user experience

Users can connect simultaneously to multiple personal drives from different vendors - Microsoft, Google, and more. Online editing can be offered through Microsoft 365 but also through eXo core tools, for part of your users. Different visio-conference systems can be offered for different use cases.