IE-Club follow up

I was invited by Julien Codorniou (Microsoft) to participate to a round table at the IE-Club last thursday.

We discussed about the “Internet Software revolution”, I guess you see why eXo was invited along with IT companies such as Yahoo!, MSN, VPodTV, BlueKiwi, but also Venture Capitalist ones like Partech.

Basically, the conclusion of the evening is that every actor in the market see the web as THE platform where all historical software players will have an internet “SaaS” offering. Debates were more on how to monetize many free services…

My turn

More than 300 people came and the room was packed!

On stage with Yahoo!, BlueKiwi, VPod and MSN Packed room

It last about 3 hours, so was not always listening :)

Not listening :)

And as usual I think that the best part was after the show, in a restaurant close to Microsoft offices in Paris:

Great speaker dinner

With Pierre-Antoine Durgeat from fame (a service I use to find restaurants in Paris since :) )

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