RichFaces on eXo

Once again, standards compliance pays off. As you know, at eXo we have a long story with standards compliance. Having a portlet API compliant portlet container, saved my day recently.

I was wondering how difficult it would be to run a RichFaces application in eXo. I was able to easily grab and build the source code of the JBoss RichFaces Demo Portlet.

A couple of xml changes later, I had it running quite nicely under eXo Portal. Take a peek at this video :

OK, that’s no more than what you can see elsewhere. But it is always good to know that our technology plays well with others.

The demo runs with the help of JBoss Portlet Bridge which is an early implementation of the JSR 301 : Portlet Bridge for JSF.
Even if only in 1.0.0 beta3, it looks very promising. Congratulations to the team!
At eXo, we will closely follow your progress and make sure that the bridge keeps playing well in eXo Portal.

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