Interested in a Video Chat Feature on eXo? Tell Us More

If you are following eXo here on the blog, you have probably noticed that we have been working with Weemo on a solution to bring chat and video conferencing to eXo.

In a previous post, “Video Chat in eXo Platform 4 with Weemo,” we gave an overview of the integration of Weemo in the eXo Chat Add-on as well as the extensive feature set that will benefit users.

We are very excited by this integration and the new real-time collaboration possibilities that it adds to the eXo Platform, and we believe it could fulfill many expectations when working in a collaborative environment.

Are you working with chat/video conferencing software on a daily basis? What features would you expect from such a service inside your intranet? We have many questions about what users expect from such a service and your opinion matters. So if you’d like to help us to move forward, take this 5-minutes survey to tell us how you want us to develop.

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