Pick a mission and win a cool T-shirt!


We feel extremely lucky to have such a great community of followers that constantly pushes us beyond our boundaries. Today,

by completing a small mission. What kind of mission is that? Just spreading the word of eXo in places where eXo needs to be more visible.

We need our best community tribe agents to accept this special mission! Are you ready? Here it is:

eXo T-shirt
Just accept your mission. Complete it. And get the T-shirt!
And then, just brag about how cool you look.
And we’ll just continue to brag about how cool the platform is.
Pick your mission now and get your T-shirt!

Now I just need to cross my fingers and hope that we have printed enough T-shirts! But no worries if it’s not the case; we’ll be responsive as always, even if that means trading our Christmas gifts for more T-shirts.

Thanks in advance for helping contribute to our campaign’s success.

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