Arrival of Julien VIET at eXo, as Portal Product Manager.

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eXo Platform is pleased to announce the arrival of Julien VIET in the company, as Portal Product Manager.

Paris, September 5th, 2008 – eXo Platform SAS, collaborative software editor, is proud to announce the arrival of Julien Viet, as Portal product manager. He will be in charge of the eXo Portal and some of its key components like the Portlet Container and the JCR.

A nomination to develop the eXo Portal abilities

Julien Viet will be in charge of the portal development in close relationship with eXo customers to fulfil new market needs. Moreover, his involvement at JBoss as founder of the open source project JBoss Portal will be an interesting source of experience for his collaborators on the eXo Portal product.

Julien Viet explains the reasons of its arrival at eXo : “I liked the strength with which eXo invests in its specifics areas and working for this company will be a wonderful experience. Moreover, I have been impressed by the potential of eXo Platform, by its vision of the market in offering, for example, a flexible and complete solution“.

We are standing on a market where change is fast and where expert skills are keys to success and quality guaranties. With his experience, Julien Viet will bring to eXo all his know how and his professional point of view of the enterprise portal.” Highlights eXo Platform CEO and founder, Benjamin Mestrallet.

The arrival of a middleware expert

Julien Viet has many years of experience at JBoss where he developed his knowledge since the official foundation of the company in 2003, and then at Redhat when it became the new JBoss holder in 2006. Julien Viet has been the founder and leader of the JBoss Portal project since 2004 and has contributed to many other products development.

Julien Viet is a middleware expert and renowned expert of portal issues and JSR 168 / 286 / WSRP standards that are of a great interest for eXo Platform. Julien is a member of the expert group for the JSR 286 / Portlet 2.0 standard.

Julien has been a speaker in many international conferences like JavaOne, JavaPolis and JavaZone.

For more information you can contact Julien Viet : julien.viet [at]

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