Bad news for YouTube – Amazon is launching a video service!

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While YouTube is on an eternal pursuit of profitability and is trying to diversify, Amazon just announced the launch of its own video service. Jeff Bezos is relying on its large territory of Premium subscribers to monetize its service.
Amazon is coming…

Upon hearing that news, YouTube employees certainly did not jump for joy. Only, a few days ago, Amazon announced the launch of its own video service, Amazon Video Direct, which will allow people to post videos on its website, but also to earn some money through advertising, royalties and other income sources.

Amazon claims that it will be a website for professionals, and that the only constraints will be to post high-quality sound and video definition. Nothing more. A bit like Kindle Direct Publishing, which allows video makers to easily edit their content. With this new Amazon Video Direct, they will have a much wider choice of what they can do with their content than on YouTube.

They will be able to choose how they want their content to be watched: streamed, downloaded, rented, and many others.

Whether or not it’s free of charge, Amazon wants premium content: TV miniseries, skits, information content, clips, and even movies!

With Amazon Video Direct, for the first time, there’s a self-service option for video providers to get their content into a premium streaming subscription service.” – Jim Freeman, Amazon Video

What is Amazon looking for by taking YouTube head on? Simple. Amazon is just looking to offer a complete online video service.

Wait and see…

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