Cartoon of the week: Instagram is going after snapchat … again!

I personally have a thing for Instagram as it’s a great channel to share my highlights, and I know I’m not the only one who thinks so (but no, I won’t post a link here to my instagram account :p).
However, the photo app has decided otherwise and it’s looking to improve its offering by launching live video and new messaging features that will allow users to share ephemeral videos and vanishing messages.


1. Instagram Live

With Instagram Live feature you will be able to broadcast videos to your followers instantly. Your Instagram followers must, however, be online in real time to watch them or they’ll lose their chance forever. There will be no 24 hours expiration date, no replays, and the videos will disappear as soon as the stream stops.
What pressure!
It’s likely that people will broadcast  more frequently and not just wait for big flashy events.

And when none of your friends is live when you’re online, Instagram’s Explore tab to the stories section will offer you the best live streams happening at that time based on your view history, geography, language, and even Instagram reel views.

2. Instagram Direct Ephemeral

Instagram has also added the ephemeral direct feature. With this feature, you can select friends or groups of friends to send photos or videos to. This works exactly like Snapchat messages but with an added groups feature.
You friends can watch the messages once and replay them once, but after that they’re gone. So go ahead, send that embarrassing selfie with your no-make-up morning face, tell that lame joke or feel free to gossip about your new girlfriend’s ex. It will all disappear!
“Now, you can send disappearing photos and videos directly to groups and individual friends in a spontaneous, pressure-free way,” Instagram said.

3. Instagram is turning up the heat on Snapchat

It’s obvious that Instagram is upping its game and taking the competition to a higher level. After copying the stories feature, Instagram seems to be shamelessly now cloning almost all the other Snapchat’s features. This might lead Snapchatters to turn their eyes away from Snapchat, especially since Instagram offers you total control of your audience: your live stream can’t be reviewed later and no one can snoop on your content without you knowing, even if you have a public account.
Instagram will also notify you if someone takes a screenshot or replays your message. Pretty much everything sounds familiar! So, Instagram folks, what do you think will be your next Snapchat-like feature target? Will they be the filters, the memories or the spectacles?
Instagram is now doing to snapchat what Facebook did to Linkedin recently. Indeed, it seems that Facebook isn’t done growing and undercutting its competition, and this time it’s doing it through its major acquisition Instagram.
It has been rumoured that Facebook is trying to get revenge, as the southern California-based Snapchat refused to be acquired by Facebook years ago.
Facebook, we truly understand that you were offended by Snapchat’s rebuttal and that endless drama is apparently your thing but isn’t it risky and counterintuitive for Instagram to add live video? It’s true that the updates are aimed to hit Snapchat, but what if it turns it all upside down and instead starts to cannibalize Facebook Live. After all, it has great potential to compete with it. Don’t you think?
Stay tuned for more fun cartoons!
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