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Orange, a multinational telecommunications company, uses eXo to enhance its salespeople’s productivity.

Orange is a leading telecommunications company operating in 30 countries with 240 million customers. Orange Ivory Coast (OIC) is an African entity that belongs to the group. It operates in one of the largest African economies and has a thousands of sales agents serving 10 million customers.

OIC faced the challenge of enriching and enhancing its point-of-sales workstations to give users access to information through a single entrance point. The company’s goal is to improve agents’ productivity and client satisfaction. For example, the company wants to integrate the platform with internal applications, such as an accounts management tool or a CRM.

OIC chose us because we provide an open-source solution with full collaboration and integration capabilities. The company loves the user interface on our platform, which is quite important when it comes to getting users to adopt the product.

Our social collaboration features were also key factors that influenced OIC’s choice. Furthermore, the company wanted to maintain control over development and integration, so it had to look for an open-source solution built with open standards. eXo’s ability to easily integrate into non-web and web applications was an important criterion for the technical teams involved.

By using our product, OIC improved its efficiency and client response times. The OIC sales office, which has over 1000 employees spread over four sites, uses the solution every day. OIC’s account managers now have direct access to customer information from one entry point, which allows them to exchange information and collaborate on the company’s sales operations.

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