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Paris, October, 15th, 2008 – eXo Platform SAS, collaborative software editor, is proud to announce the arrival of Dimitri Baeli, as Usability manager. Dimitri will be in charge of improving the global usability by focusing on : the products usability for the end users, the development practices and tooling for eXo Platform core developers, and the integration tooling for eXo partners and collaborators to easily integrate eXo Platform products.

Dimitri Baeli as Manager for the “2.0”

The aim of the usability manager is to improve the ease of use of the products as well as the tools eXo collaborators are manipulating. To do so, Dimitri will have a key role in animating and facilitating the communication between teams.

He will have a cross-team role to improve development processes and to provide the right tools to every eXo product user, like end users, eXo employees and integrators. Dimitri will work closely with Tugdual Grall, vice president of Business and Product Strategy, and Office managers in Vietnam and Ukrain. Dimitri is commissioned by Benjamin Mestrallet to dynamise teams and offices interactions.

Dimitri will focus its efforts on three major parts :

  • The Products usability, where the products users are the end users. He will work on improving the product usage and ergonomic. Dimitri will study the users interfaces and their usage to drive improvements.
  • The product development, where the users are eXo Platform employees. Dimitri will drive the full implementation of the Scrum methodology in the whole company. He will have an active role in the software factory, and will work on providing development tools.
  • The Integration usability, where users are eXo integrators partners. In this task, the aim is to provide developers kits to help partners to quickly integrate eXo products. By making eXo products “Production Ready”, eXo parners will be able to provide a high level of support on customer projects and reliable monitoring of the solutions.

Dimitri Baeli background and experience

Dimitri Baeli holds a Master in computer systems and communication from the Ensimag engineer school. After many years of experience in R&D, architecture development and processes improvements for software development, Dimitri will now work at eXo Platform to improve products usability.

His expert skills in the areas of ergonomic / usability of software and industrialisation of developments will be a great help to improve organization inside eXo Platform. We are growing quickly and always hiring. So we need a better cohesion of all the teams working on our products.” says Benjamin Mestrallet, founder and CEO of eXo Platform.

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