eXo and VNC: A New Chapter in Social Collaboration

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BERLIN – January 16, 2015 – eXo, the open source enterprise social collaboration platform company, is announcing today a new strategic partnership with Virtual Network Consult. Together, they aim to cater to German-speaking businesses looking to build solutions around eXo Platform. Through its system integrator (SI) partnership, eXo will provide VNC with 10 years of experience and resources to support their new opportunities.

Being now part of the eXo partner ecosystem, VNC becomes a major Gold SI partner and distributor in Central Europe. VNC is adding eXo Platform to a rich catalog of products aimed at organizations and businesses of all sizes – from small and medium-sized businesses to global corporations. This partnership will enable VNC to develop a team of eXo-certified consultants, who can implement and deploy social collaboration solutions.

“Our network of system integrators is key to our success, and we’re committed to providing VNC with all the tools and knowledge we have developed over the years in the market,” said Oualid Chaker, eXo EVP of Business Development. “With eXo Platform and our experience, VNC will be able to offer additional value to its customers and create new opportunities.”

With eXo Platform, VNC’s customers will benefit from this partnership by being able to add social collaboration capabilities to their mix of enterprise applications.

Bernd Rodler, VNC chairman, stated that: “Adding eXo Platform to our offering is a significant move as it will enable us to provide advanced capabilities in the rather young market for social collaboration software designed for enterprises. With this partnership, we can deliver a rich and customizable user experience to our customers.”

About VNC

VNC or Virtual Network Consult is a leading business cloud integrator and a specialist in commercial open-source solutions. VNC is based in Switzerland and Germany, and provides services to organizations and businesses of all sizes – from small and medium-sized businesses to global corporations. Its services range from platform data center solutions to complex business applications such as Portal, Groupware, CRM, ERP, VNCmail+ and advanced Secure Communications Environments – mobile and suited to the needs of each client.


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