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For those of you who are attending the JBoss User & Developers Conference (JUDCon) in Berlin next week, be sure to check out Julien Viet’s session. Julien, who serves as the project manager (from the eXo side) for GateIn, will be giving a talk on Day 2 of the conference, 8 October, at 14:30 in the Workflow and BPM track. He’ll be introducing Chromattic, an open source project that provides GateIn with a JCR persistence layer for rapid development of content-based apps. Here’s the complete abstract:

Julien Viet – Advanced JCR Persistence in the GateIn Portal Framework

The GateIn Portal comes with a built in Java Content Repository server for managing pages, layouts and portlets. The Chromattic open source project was initiated to develop the GateIn object model persistence in a JCR server. Beyond natively powering the heart of GateIn, Chromattic can be used to rapidly develop rich and complex JCR based applications.

Chromattic is an object mapper framework that uses JCR as persistence layer. It provides a natural support for various JCR features, thanks to the usage of Java Annotations. Annotations declare which and how classes are mapped to nodes, turning any repository node into a Java object. It provides important features to JCR development such as type safety and object orientation which are lacking when the JCR native interfaces are used. Moderns IDE most used features like code completion and refactoring are de facto available when developing Chromattic applications.

The key concepts of Chromattic will be presented, through the development of a simple Chromattic application in real-time. This sample application will be made available to the attendees so they can use the sample code as a starting point. This advanced technical session will show:

  • How to integrate Chromattic with a modern IDE using a Maven-based build
  • How to deploy a Chromattic application in GateIn
  • How to connect to and manage a repository server

In addition, several advanced features of Chromattic will be highlighted, to demonstrate the power of the framework.

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