eXo announces the release of the Challenges feature

eXo is excited to announce the launch of its latest innovation – the Challenges feature – which will enrich the platform’s offer with regard to employee engagement.

Challenges feature


1. The principles

It is now possible to set up engagement programs in line with your company goals. The programs are associated with actions that allow users to earn gamification points. Some actions can be automatically recognized; for instance, any action within the platform such as sharing a document. Users can declare other actions when they fulfill a challenge.

Once a month, points that were accumulated by the users within each engagement program can be converted intoMeeds tokens, based on a pre-defined budget.

2. Challenges – how does it work?

Challenges are attached to an engagement program and to an audience space. Users with relevant rights can create new challenges by specifying their parameters with a description, proof requirements, associated points, and the validity period. When the challenge is ready, users can create it. The challenge opens up for other users from the audience space to fulfill and then announce.

When a user completes the challenge, they announce it from the Challenges application and provide the required proof. This announcement is visible to everyone in the relevant audience space, and the user earns the associated points.

All announcements can be followed up and verified.

Anyone can announce an achievement on behalf of someone else.

Managers can recognize an employee’s achievement by announcing the associated challenge. They can even create an ad hoc challenge to prompt similar actions from other employees.

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3. Challenges – what benefits?

Challenges are a great way to foster employee engagement.

Great community animation tools

In particular, Challenges is great tool to animate a community. Use your imagination and invent fun challenges, monthly contests, etc. Every new idea allows you to bring some fun into your workplace and engage your community. Each new achievement announcement can be celebrated. You can also celebrate milestones. If you need ideas, we provide a rich inventory based on our early bird clients’ experiences!

Engage your employee by recognizing what matters most

However, Challenges is also a business tool. Indeed, challenges can align with what matters for your business at any given moment and reward actions and achievements that promote your organization’s project. Reward your employees’ most significant contributions and boost your employee engagement.

Bridge the gap between the digital workplace and the physical workplace

Finally, Challenges allows you to bridge the gap between the digital workplace and the physical workplace, or the “real work”. Not everything happens online. Some of your employees may contribute to your organization in big and small ways without a desk for most of their workday. Challenges allows you to publish their actions and their achievements for the whole organization to see and celebrate!

4. Availability

The new feature is already available for hosted clients that are part of our early adopter continuous deployment program.

The feature will be available for other clients in the next minor version release – eXo Platform 6.3.

5. What’s next?

We will continue pursuing our development of Challenges, Engagement programs and other employee engagement features, based on feedback. Stay tuned for further updates.

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