eXo financial results for Q4 – a great quarter to end a great year!

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eXo’s last quarter of the year was successful, exceeding expectations:

  • cross-product bookings reached 27% above target
  • overall triple digit year-on-year growth
  • triple digit growth of new annual contract value year-on-year

This quarter comes as a great final boost in this year of strong growth and improved profitability for eXo:

  • Annual bookings grew by 94% compared to the previous year.
  • There was triple digit growth in product-related sales and new annual contract value signed.
  • Our margins slightly improved and our operating costs have remained controlled, resulting in an improvement of 50% in the EBITDA.

Other noticeable trends in 2014 include:

  • We had strong client sales: a number of our clients increased their engagement with us by purchasing add-ons or extended installations.
  • We had a stronger presence in the Americas. Business in this region overtook Europe this year.
  • There was strong growth in the OEM channel (bundles).

For 2015, we hope to continue this trend by gaining the loyalty of customers who trusted us this year and winning new business while reinforcing our financial stability.

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I am the Chief Executive Officer of eXo Platform (the open source digital workplace platform), a company that I co-founded while in college and that I came back to after several years in the banking and consulting industry. I blog about modern work, about open-source and sovereignty issues. Occasionally, I also blog about my personal areas of interest, such as personal development, work–life balance, sustainability and gender equality.

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