eXo JCR 1.11.2 released

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We pleased to announce next version of eXo JCR 1.x family. This is a bugfixes and improvements version of JCR 1.11.

Features and extensions.

eXo Platform JCR it’s an implementation of Java Content Repository API (JSR-170). Java Content Repository provides common programmatic interface to stores of hierarchical and unstructured data, content versioning, locking, observation, search (including full-text search), content export/import and many more.

In addition to JSR-170 features we provide Extension Actions API which allow use of programmatic actions triggering on content update or access. Actions can be configured via filters.

Plus you can find set of useful Extensions out of the box:

  • Registry service
  • Replication (Synchronous and Asynchronous)
  • Organization service
  • Backup service and HTTP backup agent
  • Access-control actions
  • Metadata actions
  • Node Representation service
  • Groovy REST-services
  • Audit service
  • Session providers
  • Node Types registration
  • Namespace altering
  • Repository and Workspace management

eXo JCR supports RMI, WebDAV and FTP network access to a repository.
Thanking to new version of eXo REST Framework (JSR-311 compliant) developers can write custom REST-driven access to the Repository. Node Representation service can be used as building block for this purpose. This is a pluggable mechanism for representing JCR Nodes in required form.

There are WebDAV plugins for access Repository from OpenOffice.org and Microsoft Office applications.

Repository implementation uses database as a persistent storage for a content. We support Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Ingres, Derby and HSQLDB backends.

It’s possible to store content using External Value storage. Our implementation comes with several file-system storages (simple flat, tree-based, content-addressable). Value storage can be configured via filters to separate content using criterias.
External Value storage API allows develop custom storages e.g. for store data on type or in customer databases.

Additionally we’re supporting Amazon Web Services as a backend:

  • S3 External Value Storage (stores only Values on S3)
  • SimpleDB Workspace storage (Beta status)

Main changes of eXo JCR 1.11.2

  • JCR Core Binary Values improved processing: use of input stream with only on-demand spooling of big Binary Values.
  • Asynchronous and Synchronous replication Binary Values processing improved: changes storage for replication use less amount of files
  • Synchronous Replication Proxy mode simple configuration. Proxy Replication allows several running servers on the same physical host (useful for development).
  • Lot of Asynchronous replication improvements: merger, subscriber lifecycle, connection and local storage consistency etc.
  • Support of Values large of 2GiB in External Value Storage.
  • JCR Core Node.gatProperties() bugfix of duplicate Properties returned for unsaved Node when changes occurs in another Session.
  • Lot of minor Backup Service bugs fixed. Asynchronous restore support added.
  • HTTP Backup agent improvements of API.
  • WeBDAV codestyle refactoring and bugfixes of PROPPATCH and DELETE calls
  • Version history Import/Export utility bugfix of Items import.

Find more about eXo JCR on wiki.

Ask us about JCR on the Community forum.

Download eXo JCR 1.11.2 from OW2 Forge page.

Sources repository here.

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