eXo Platform 6.3: new version reconciling employee productivity and engagement!

We are excited to announce the general availability of eXo Platform 6.3. This new version has been in the works for nine months and includes a number of new capabilities and improvements spanning the entire platform. In particular, in this version, we pursued a double focus on employee productivity, on the one hand, and employee engagement on the other.

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Let’s discover what’s new 🚀.

1. Improve employee access to knowledge and information

Based on our clients’ feedback, eXo Platform 6.3 has thoroughly reviewed eXo’s capabilities around knowledge management.

The new documents application transforms the user experience

Document management has been completely redesigned to facilitate information searches and provide a complete, rich and ergonomic user experience.


Thus, the new “Recent” view provides quick access to the latest modified documents. Filters and research functions improve the experience even further. All actions regarding a document – such as copying, duplication, downloading or accessing management – are grouped together and accessible in just one click.

Organize procedures and note-take with ease

From now on, the notes application allows you to organize note-taking by creating an automatic summary. To do this, simply add a section note and leave it empty. A summary is then automatically created with the sub-notes. You can also add it manually if there is already content in your note.

2. Boost employee productivity

With eXo Platform 6.3, we introduce several capabilities that boost employee productivity by unifying their experience with the platform.

Bookmark content

It is now possible to bookmark any content on the platform – messages, news, documents..The added content can then be accessed at any time in one click on the star in the right corner user panel. This feature saves time as it allows users to create a to-do list of messages to read later, documents to work on, etc.

Dematerialize and automate internal processes

The 6.3 version introduces a new processes application that allows users to create and automate simple internal procedures such as an expense claim or a room booking. Employees can then submit a request using the relevant process, track the progress of their request, and communicate in the context of the request via comments. As per usual, we favour a simple approach to creating the easiest application for users.

New mobile experience

The eXo Platform mobile application has been completely redesigned to provide a more ergonomic and intuitive interface that’s faster and better integrated on smartphones and tablets. The mobile app drives employee productivity, allowing the digital workplace to be used efficiently from any device.

3. Facilitate internal communications

eXo Platform 6.3 offers extended capabilities to internal communicators, allowing them to publish news in different targets.

News Scheduling

Your news article can now be scheduled for later publication. The option is accessible to moderators or editors of the space, and can be changed by them (in case of the author’s absence, for instance).

News Targeting

eXo Platform 6.3 introduces the notion of lists or targets. To give a news article more visibility, it can be published in a targeted list, linked to one or several publishing zones. For instance, an HR information piece, written by an HR manager, can be published in the HR target linked to a dedicated zone on the home page and also to the HR page. The publishing action will display the article in all the relevant zones at once.

Add hashtags to your content

The new “hashtags” feature is available for various contents: an activity, a post or an article. When writing an article or a post, you can choose the most relevant keywords from the suggestions or create new ones.


When users read the content, they can click on a tag to read other content associated with it. Users can also search by tag, to browse what interests them most.

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4. Animate and nurture internal communities

eXo Platform 6.3 introduces several innovative features for your internal community management and animation.

Easily create polls

Do you want to ask your team a question or conduct a survey among all the employees of your organization? With eXo Platform’s survey tool, it’s very simple. Simply select the area where you want to launch the survey, define your question and the proposed answers, and then select a duration. The relevant employees are then invited to respond and you can follow results in real time.

Gamify your employee experience with Challenges

The 6.3 version introduces the new challenges feature. The latter allows a community manager to create a challenge for the community, linked to that community purpose. A community member who succeeds at a challenge announces it on the community stream and wins associated points.


Employee advocacy, community events and sustainable development are among many themes that the challenges can cover.


The challenges feature is a great way to animate a community and generate a collective dynamic, but also individually motivate your employees.

Automated translation

eXo Platform 6.3 introduces a Google translate connector, to improve employee communications in multilingual communities. The feature allows each person to translate the message into their preferred language, selected in their platform’s settings.

5. Boost your employee engagement through recognition

eXo Platform 6.3 introduces an innovative concept of engagement programmes, to help companies manage their gamification incentives, directing them towards what matters most.


Engagement programmes, set up by the administrator, represent the organization’s goals, such as improving brand awareness or accelerating innovation, for example. Each programme is associated with actions that allow employees to earn points. Some activities are “automatic”, such as sharing a document, while others are “declarative”, such as completing a challenge.


Periodically, the points accumulated in each programme are converted into Meeds tokens. The administrator can set up a Meeds budget for each programme, favouring some more than others. Thus the amount of Meeds that each employee receives in recognition depends on each programme’s budget.

See an overview of the features available in eXo Platform version 6.3 in the video below:

A summary of the features of eXo Platform 6.3 is available by downloading the product sheet.

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