eXo Platform announces the release of its latest version: eXo Platform 6.5

Paris, January 9, 2024 – eXo Platform, the leading open-source provider of intranet and digital workplace solutions, announces the general availability of its latest version: eXo Platform 6.5.



A complete and secure alternative to Microsoft 365, the open-source digital workplace stands for flexibility and customization. Indeed, this latest version integrates new essential features that allow easy creation, without technical skills, of a platform tailored to each use case, providing personalized experiences for each user.

Furthermore, eXo Platform 6.5 offers information flow management features through the customization of notifications, as well as personal productivity tools, ensuring an optimized user experience.

This highly refined new version of our digital workplace solution will accelerate our development and strengthen our ambition to offer a complete open-source alternative to proprietary solutions for a more open digital future, explains Veronika Mazour-Mestrallet, CEO of eXo Platform.”

The main eXo platform 6.5 novelties and improvements include:

Platform management and customization

  • A revamped Content Management System featuring modernized page creation and navigation management and a new content editor with enhanced editing options.
  • Multi-sites management offering the possibility to create ad-hoc websites and manage them from the same platform.
  • Extended internationalization features including automated content translation and multi-language content management.
  • A new administration site centralizing all platform management options in one streamlined experience for the administrators and offering new branding options.
  • The Public site feature allowing to present and share part of your platform publicly
  • New Open registration option enabling easy open communities and Extranet creation and management


  • Enhanced productivity capabilities with a new notification center, activity filters and a personal productivity suite featuring a personal drive, tasks, agenda and activities dashboards
  • Improved collaboration by incorporating new options and capabilities for document management, co-editing, and video conferencing.

Community management and engagement

  • new composer, simplifying the process of adding, managing, and targeting your posts.
  • New engagement features such as conditional actions, time limited actions and recurring actions as well as new visuals for engagement programs and dashboards

Technical and security improvements

  • Security updates, component upgrades and new connectors
  • Accessibility and Sustainability improvements helping users create more accessible content and monitor their environmental impact

To find out more about what’s new in eXo Platform 6.5, read our detailed blog and download the updated datasheet.

About eXo Platform

eXo Platform is a software company with nearly 20 years of experience in digital workplace solutions. eXo supports its customers in their digital transformation by offering them a complete and sovereign digital workplace, focused on employee engagement. eXo’s goal is to provide the best employee experience in an open and sovereign solution.


Press contact

Anne-Sophie Duport


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I am the Chief Executive Officer of eXo Platform (the open source digital workplace platform), a company that I co-founded while in college and that I came back to after several years in the banking and consulting industry. I blog about modern work, about open-source and sovereignty issues. Occasionally, I also blog about my personal areas of interest, such as personal development, work–life balance, sustainability and gender equality.
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