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I’ve been really low blogging from some months, but it’s for a good reason, I was working hard on a new product: eXo Social.

eXo Social is based on 2 modules : eXo People and eXo Spaces. It’s developed to help collaboration with other people inside and outside the enterprise by leveraging the existing applications.

It is based on eXo Portal 2.5, and leverage the newly developed Dashboard that allows to easily integrate RSS feeds and thousands of existing applications. eXo Social is made of two modules:

eXo People brings Enterprise Social Networking to your work. It allows you to organize your workforce in an efficient way through a better understanding of your people skills. It also implement the OpenSocial standard that simplifies the development of social applications and allows to reuse the enterprise social graph inside your organization by any other application.

eXo Spaces adds communities to your work. It allows to easily regroup people by interests or projects. It leverages any existing application such as Portlets or Gadgets to enable a collaborative work.

You will be able to access to a sandbox for testing it. It’s a snapshot of the current development status. eXo Teams are still developing eXo Social but it will give you a nice idea about what is coming ! Be aware that this sandbox is erased every night (GMT time).

Access it soon !

The release is expected for January 2009. We will put in place an Early Access Program before the release to help you test the application for your enterprise. If you are interested to be part of it, please send me an email.

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