eXo Summer Collection 2009, the Haute Couture Software @ the Google DevFest Asian Tour

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South East Asia, October – November, 2008 – eXo Platform, collaborative software editor, is presenting its new product line-up at the first ever Google DevFest Event in South East Asia.

eXo Platform: the French way to think portals

For few years now, eXo Platform is designing collaborative softwares to fit medium to large organization. Every customer is different and eXo products are fine tuned depending on every customer needs.

As Benjamin Mestrallet, CEO and Founder of eXo Platform highlights it : “Our customers are looking for “Sur-mesure” solutions to cope with their needs. We are working hard on personalizing our products, and at the end, our customers have an elegant and unique solution. We think that it is important to provide this kind of services to make organizations feel that this is their own solution.” He adds : “This is a bit like the French Haute Couture mentality.

eXo Summer Collection 2009

The new eXo Platform line-up is presented at the Google DevFest Tour in South East Asia.

It is the opportunity to show what has been done since eXo Platform has been founded. eXo collaborators have been working hard on the products to be on top of the technology, as you can see with the use of OpenSocial standards and Google gadgets.” says Benjamin Mestrallet.

The following products will be released soon :

eXo Portal 2.5 beta:

eXo Portal is an OpenSource portal that brings Web 2.0 benefits to organizations with personalized applications based on groups, roles in groups, context, and team collaboration tools. Based on major industry standards like portlet technologies JSR 168/286 and Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP), eXo Portal 2.5 beta has been added the following features:

  • It now supports Google Gadgets for local display as well as an Enterprise Gadget Repositor
  • Gadgets can be edited via Webdav
  • Dashboard portlet is available like the iGoogle / Netvibes ones

eXo WebOS 1.5 beta:

eXo WebOS reproduces the environment of classic operating systems, where users can easily find their useful applications and organize their work space through desktop windows that can be maximized or minimized.

  • Built on top of eXo Portal 2.5, eXo WebOS 1.5 beta displays gadgets as they are displayed in common OS, like MS Vista or Mac OS.

eXo Social 1.0 preview:

eXo Social is based on 2 modules : eXo People and eXo Spaces. It’s developed to help collaboration with other people inside and outside the enterprise by leveraging the existing applications.

eXo Social adds social networking to your company with eXo People while it makes people work together through communities with eXo Spaces.

eXo Social is developed on top of eXo Portal 2.5, and leverage the newly developed Dashboard that allows to easily integrate RSS feeds and thousands of existing applications.

  • eXo Social is an OpenSocial container based on OpenSocial standard
  • eXo Social expose the social graph to external applications thanks to the OpenSocial standard
  • eXo Social will extend the OpenSocial standard to enterprises need
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