Cartoon of the Week: GitHub chooses Microsoft over Google

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This week, Microsoft has reportedly acquired GitHub for $7.5 billion – making it Microsoft’s largest acquisition after LinkedIn and Skype.

GitHub is an open-source code repository well known among developers for hosting projects, documentation and code. Tech companies such as Apple, Amazon and Google use it and Microsoft even hosts its original Windows file manager source code on it.

Reports say that GitHub chose Microsoft because of CEO Satya Nadella and dismissed Google, which had also been talking about a potential acquisition several weeks ago. It seems like Microsoft is doing everything it takes to keep Google away from its upcoming plans.

Nadella said: ‘Microsoft is a developer-first company and by joining forces with GitHub, we strengthen our commitment to developer freedom, openness and innovation.’

With that, and its ownership of LinkedIn, we can tell that Microsoft is strengthening its position within the tech industry.

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