How do you track user engagement using eXo Engagement Analytics add-on?

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Measuring the user engagement of your employees

We saw a few months ago how employee engagement is a complex and exciting subject. We have also seen, in a two-part article, solutions to improve this commitment through gamification, for example (Part 1, Part 2).

But, after you have implemented tools, or run communication campaigns, to improve this commitment, how do you measure the effectiveness of these solutions? How do you ensure that user engagement increases over time? How do you detect a decrease of this commitment so that you can act and propose solutions as soon as possible?

eXo Engagement Analytics is the solution that will enable you to achieve these actions.

What is eXo Engagement Analytics add-on?

eXo Engagement Analytics is a metrics measurement and aggregation solution based on Lecko Analytics. This tool allows you to collect and measure all the actions your users perform on your collaborative platform and to measure an engagement score. Measured actions are all the actions to say that a user is active on the platform. This can be a comment, a like, a post in a forum, the creation of a document, the creation of a wiki page and so on.

This engagement score will help to classify users and spaces according to their degree of use, enabling you to map the collaborative platform and answer the following questions. Which are the most active spaces? Who are the most active users? Does engagement in this or that area increase? Does it decrease?

What does it bring?

eXo Engagement Analytics is an add-on for generating an excerpt from the platform’s activity and transmitting it to the Lecko Analytics analysis tool, which allows you to format these results in readable tables and graphs.

Among these graphics, you will find:

  • An overall evolution of the engagement score of the platform, with an evolution of the typologies of users (Leaders, Engaged, New Engaged, Re-Engaged)

  • An evolution on the number and the typology of the spaces (Networks, Community, Diffusion, Inactive)

  • Or an evolution of the engagement score per space

The dashboard then allows you to go down into each of the spaces to observe its engagement score in time and the nature of its main contributions.

To conclude

As we have just seen, eXo Engagement Analytics allows you to measure the engagement of users of your platform. These measurements, formatted in these graphs and tables, will allow you to analyse the different peaks and valleys of these curves to compare them with the events of everyday life. For example, a peak following a communication operation will allow you to measure the effectiveness of this campaign. The start of a decline in the engagement score may mean that it is necessary to plan a new action, either globally or targeted to a space.

The purpose of this add-on is to give you the tools to measure how your collaborative platform works and measure the effectiveness of your communication actions towards your users.


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