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As CMS Watch noted last month, how people work and where they work have changed – so much so that it’s impelling Enterprise Content Management (ECM) vendors to realign their offerings to today’s users. Today, people expect to be able to work anytime, anywhere, essentially be “liberated” from their PCs, so the smart phone has become the most popular new computing device. Bolstered by advances in GPS and Wi-Fi radio and a wide range of applications, smart phone shipments are up 23% for 2009.

To meet the computing needs of mobile users, ECM vendors are increasingly targeting ECM applications for mobile devices. ECM refers to the technologies, strategies, methods and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to an organization and its processes. In the actual competitive context, the faster an organization is able to stay up to date and manage the information, the quicker it can make smart decisions. ECM tools help mobile workers and road warriors stay close to their information systems, so opportunities aren’t lost just because they’re not within the four walls of the corporate office.

eXo Platform is always experimenting with cool new features and functionality with our customers. One we’ve been working on quietly is an ECM for Mobile including applications such as Files, News, Chat, Activities Stream, Relation and many Gadgets that allows users to take full of advantages of eXo products from their mobile device. This means they will be able to check and approve documents, follow the company’s work flow, up to date with the market news as well as manage the timetable right on their hand phone -all in one package.

Integrated ECM functionality not only changes where people can work but also creates new ways to work. Our customers will be able to experience familiar eXo features such as Document Review and Validation, Calendar, Address Book, RSS, etc. 24/7 on their mobile devices.

How do you use your smart phones actually? Is there any additional functionality and features you’d like to see in eXo ECM for Mobile? Click to send us an email and stay tuned for more information and be among the first to try out our new ECM for Mobile feature.

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