Knowledge management needs and eXo KS 1.0

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Knowledge management for your collaborators

Many organisations are using common tools, such as emails, instant messaging to talk about issues or processes. These constructive and useful discussions are, in many cases, not archived for later use when the same issues are coming up. The knowledge is lost and so, collaborators discuss it again and again. Every time, starting the talk from scratch. To avoid this waste of time and to always build better answers, eXo KS brings to organisations the ability to collect and organize their knowledge through two powerful tools: eXo Forum and eXo FAQ.

Knowledge management for your customers

Following the same idea, companies that have major customer support activities often answer on the fly as the issues arise. So, they have to build a knowledge database that can be used to answer redundant customer questions or to provide different solutions to a same issue depending on the customer configuration. Here again, eXo Knowledge Suite helps these companies to solve this kind of issues.

eXo KS 1.0: the tools for a better knowledge management

Navigating through the knowledge stored in eXo Forums has been made intuitive and finding already discussed issues is an easy game. The enterprise can now rely on a solid ground of knowledge that helps collaborators as well as customers.

Going further, eXo FAQ enables the company to build a knowledge database for basic or redundant issues. It can be used as a starting point or as a tool to expose state of the art knowledge.

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