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Wanderleia De Sousa Baptista is a Business Analyst for eXo Platform, specializing in the Brazilian market. She’s unbelievably friendly and professional.


“For me, it’s easy. I treat our clients or people interested in us like I want to be treated—with respect and humanity.”


What was your life like before eXo?
I actually studied psychology, but I dropped out during my last year of studies. My mother was in China and I had to join her. She used to work for the Brazilian Embassy there. I was only supposed to stay one year in China, but then I got a job opportunity in the visa section of the Brazilian Embassy. I took it, and I ended up spending 18 years in this marvellous country. I learned Chinese (obviously), met my husband, and had two kids!

Take us back to your beginnings at eXo
I saw a job advertisement on Facebook that said eXo was looking for a Portuguese-speaking person. I applied, and I was eventually interviewed. They hired me as a Business Analyst, and that started my adventure with eXo Platform. The directors were very nice and they accepted my demand to go to Brazil, my homeland, for a whole month. I hadn’t been there for eight years, and I really needed it!

How would you describe your job?
It’s going to sound boring, but my job is very interesting because I perfectly understand the Brazilian mindset so I can master the market. With eXo Platform, I discovered the technology world, which is amazing and intriguing. Besides, the feedback I receive from Brazilian customers and prospects is always positive. All in all, I like the responsibility and the trust and freedom eXo has in me as I sell our product and services. For me, it’s easy. I treat our clients or people interested in us like I want to be treated—with respect and humanity. And I’d like to especially thank my team for helping me a lot by sharing ideas and communicating with me. That’s priceless.

What difficulties have you encountered?
(laughs) When communication is not in Portuguese! I have to admit that I have difficulties with languages. Well, I speak English and some French, but I’d really like to become fluent in those languages. I’m working on it!

What are the good aspects of being a Business Analyst?
Well, working as part of a team. I never feel alone. At work, we’re friends. We work, we talk, and we laugh! We’re not machines. We’re really connected by sincere human interactions, and that’s awesome.

Tell us about a typical day at the eXo office
I arrive in the office and I say “Hi guys, it’s lunch tiiime!” with a big smile, and everyone smiles back at me! It’s a daily ritual, and now even when I don’t say it, they say it when they see me coming(laughs). I sayHello, goodbyeto everyone I pass. Everyday. And the day just goes by in the blink of an eye.
I sincerely feel very proud to work with such a young yet smart, dedicated, fun team.

What job wouldn’t you like to do?
Mmm, none. I’m never afraid of learning new things. And I worked in very different fields. Oh. Now that I think about it, there’s something I hate, and it’s COOKING. I hate cooking. So I definitely don’t see myself as a cook. (laughs)
Even though you didn’t ask me, I want to say that I would have loved to be an events organizer or to do something that has to do with arts. Voilà!

What sound or noise do you love?
Samba! And the crowds’ noise. When people’s voices and laughs are melted altogether. It feels so alive and so musical. I just hold my glass of wine, close my eyes, and enjoy it.

What sound or noise do you hate?
I hate pain. When people are crying or yelling out in pain. It tears me apart.

What are your favorite movies?
Scent of a Woman

What’s your favorite food?
Churrasco! Churrasco (pronounced shoo-RAS-koo), or Brazilian barbecue, was the traditional staple food of the gaúchos or cowboys of Southern Brazil for centuries before it spread to Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Tell us something about you that you wouldn’t like us to know.
Mmm… I’d rather tell you something worth sharing and that I would like you to know. We learn everyday. We face challenges every minute of our lives. We really know nothing, and we have to learn. Always.

I wanted to especially congratulate Brazil for its 6 earned medals. I’m deeply proud of you. Go Brasil!

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