New composer to facilitate communication and employee engagement

The “Sneak Peek” series is back with an article dedicated to the new composer.

In version 6.5, eXo Platform teams have reworked this feature to facilitate communication, improve user experience and boost employee engagement.



Where finding the new composer?

The new composer is available in several places on the platform:

  • On the global activity stream to create a message and send a kudos

  • On a space’s activity stream, to create a message, send a kudos, create a poll or write an article.

  • On the activity stream to comment on a message

  • In the Tasks application, to comment on a task

What's new?

The composer has several new features:

  • A new button for adding images to your message. You can now resize, zoom, crop, rotate and add alternative text. What’s more, display has been improved, and it’s now possible to scroll and edit them from within the post.
  • GIF images are now displayed directly in the message.
  • The “hashtag” button has also been added to the composer to facilitate the addition of tags to publications and keyword searches.
  • The new composer also lets you send a kudos directly to a colleague.

In addition, the composer has been reworked visually, and is displayed differently depending on whether you’re on the global activity stream or on a space activity stream.

On the global activity stream:

A new option allows you to choose the targeted audience:

  • either your message will be visible to any member of your network

  • or only to members of one of your spaces.

To send a kudos from the global activity stream, the composer also provides a new option:

  • either the kudos sent will be visible to any member of your network

  • or only to members of one of your spaces.

On the activity feed of a space :

Additional options are available for direct access. For example, you can create a poll by a single click and write an article.

Please note: the composer is available from the global activity stream only if your platform administrator has enabled it. Similarly, it will only be available from a space’s activity stream if any redactor has been promoted in this space.

The composer's formatting options

The composer provides a few options for quickly formatting text:

  • Bold or italic

  • Insert a bulleted or numbered list

  • Insert a quotation

A list of emoticons is also available to liven up your communications, and the option to “add attachments” to your message is always available.

As a reminder, a short message is limited to 1300 characters. Beyond that, you can switch to article format.

Add hyperlink: an improvement in the eXo next version

Hyperlink adding feature will be improved in the next version of eXo Platform. You’ll be able to add hyperlinks very easily to all types of messages, including short messages, comments and tasks, and above all format them as you write.

How does it work? Select a text, click on the “link” icon in the toolbar that appears as an overlay, then paste your hypertext link.

Keyboard shortcuts are also available for a better experience:

  • Ctrl+K to add a link
  • Esc to cancel it

Try these new features on eXo Tribe!

We’ve recently reopened our online community, eXo Tribe. Join us to try these new features, find out more about eXo, contribute and be rewarded for your contributions!

Stay tuned for more product updates!

A simplified user experience on mobile

The user experience has also been improved on mobile. Thus, in the global activity stream, click on “start a post” to bring up the composer and find the various options available: choosing the audience for the publication, formatting, adding hashtags, images and attachments, sending a kudos.

In a space’s activity stream, easily click on “start a post” to access the composer and its various options: formatting, adding hashtags, images and attachments, sending a kudos, creating a poll, writing an article.

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I am the communication manager at eXo Platform. I found myself in communications a bit by chance, but this field brings together everything that pationates me: creativity, energy, meetings, collaborative work, sharing and exchanges of good practices. I need to give meaning to what I do and put people at the center of all my actions.
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