Intranet Launch Rollouts: Strategies and pain points to consider

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Internal communications have evolved in enterprises, as have the tools used for those communications. A modern intranet is a must in today’s organisations since traditional intranets are no longer in sync with the current methods of collaborating and communicating.

In a nutshell, a modern, solution-oriented intranet is a priority if you want to enhance your employee experience, internal communication and collaboration; streamline knowledge sharing within your organisation; and strengthen your corporate culture.

With over 10 years of experience in conducting intranet projects, we believe we can help you develop a rollout strategy and identify the most common and unexpected pitfalls and pain points.

In the following slides, we’ve gathered the keys steps you’ll need to go through during your intranet launch journey. We’ve also listed some pain points and some tips for avoiding them.



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What is an intranet?

intranet is a term used with abundance whenever the subject of internal communication and collaboration is brought up which makes defining it a bit challenging. In its simplest form, an intranet is an internal website for your organization. It is used mainly for top-down communication where employees can access corporate news, policies and announcements.

See the full definition of intranet

What are the different types of intranet solutions?

To gather a thorough understanding of intranets and their different types, let’s walk through its history from the early days up to now:

  1. Intranet Portals
  2. Enterprise Social Netwrok (ESN)
  3. Intranet 2.0

Find out the different types of intranet solutions

What is the difference between intranets and extranets?

The main difference between intranets and extranets lays in the target audience. Intranets typically target users from a specific organization whereas extranets is the hub that can group users from multiple external organizations ranging from partners and suppliers all the way to clients

Discover the real difference between intranet and extranet

What are the benefits of intranet solutions?

Different types of Intranet solutions from the early days up to the intranet 2.0 (commonly referred to as digital workplace solutions) bring a host of benefits to businesses of all sizes and industries. Below is a list of benefits often associated with intranets:

  1. Streamline internal communications
  2. Connect employees and eliminate silos
  3. Foster collaboration
  4. Improve knowledge sharing
  5. Recognize and reward employees

Find out teh benefits of intranet solutions

What are the different strategies for a successful intranet adoption?

Here are three different strategies for a successful intranet adoption:

  1. User focus strategy
  2. Global community management strategy
  3. Private communities focus strategy

Which intranet adoption strategy should you choose?

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