Cartoon of the week: Rewind 2018 is officially more disliked than Bieber’s vidéo

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What was supposed to be Youtube’s biggest stars and moments celebration of the past year, turned quickly to the biggest platform’s failure.

I’m talking about the release of YouTube Rewind 2018 on 6 December, which has made all the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Its dislike count resulted in the video rising to the top of the most disliked videos across the entire platform.

It’s embarrassing to have such a high ratio on its own platform, especially when there is no sign of the thumbs-down reactions ending anytime soon. On 13 December, the Rewind video had picked up 10.1 million dislikes with only 120 million views, becoming more hated than Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ song.

So, to sum things up:

  • it took ‘Baby’, by Justin Bieber, eight years and 1 billion views to get 9.8 million dislikes on YouTube
  • it took YouTube Rewind 2018 only six days and just over 120 million views to surpass that figure.

YouTube Rewind 2018 managed to achieve in one week what Justin Bieber Baby achieved in eight years!

But was such a slap in the face truly deserved?

What happened was that the YouTube creators deemed it ‘inauthentic’. In addition to that, PewDiePie’s fans organized a campaign to protest against PewDiePie’s absence in the video. Despite being the site’s most popular user, the Swedish – and one of the most controversial – YouTubers  was not included in the Rewind video. His fans naturally and overwhelmingly disliked the video.

Other criticism came from commentator Philip DeFranco, who pointed out that YouTube had glossed over Logan Paul’s infamous ‘Suicide Forest’ video and that only demonstrated how out of touch the platform was with its community.

Check out this year’s YouTube Rewind for yourself:

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