Social Business Software: When You Confuse Disruption With Distraction

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Disruption can be seen as a force for good or evil. On the one hand the business world celebrates the disruptive effects new social business technologies are having on the status quo — in everything from marketing and customer service to recruitment and sales. On the other, when it comes to internal collaboration and communication, social business software (SBS) is seen as disruptive in that other sense of the word — a distraction from the job at hand… Read more on


eXo Platform‘s insight:

Intranets and other IT systems that have been “made social” are often seen to struggle and can only lead to more distraction for employees. Real ESNs like eXo use modern social dynamics and strong integration capabilities to disrupt the working day.
We’re so much more than a Yammer, a Sharepoint or a Jive!


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