eXo Platform 5.2 released: Spaces administration and improved UI

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We are happy to announce the general availability of  eXo Platform 5.2. This new release adds a number of enhancements to its predecessor 5.1. These changes include improvements on communication and collaboration and overall performance and security.

What’s new?

Below is a snapshot of the main improvements brought by our latest version:

  • A centralized administration page for platform admins which will provide useful global settings for spaces.
  • The ability to edit posts and comments in the activity stream.
  • Improved event creation interface
  • Improved mini chat UX and UI
  • Improved notifications
  • Several bug fixes and improvements

The new version is available to our customers starting today. A free trial can be downloaded here. Members of our public online community site “eXo Tribe” can already enjoy the new improvements as that site has been running on this new platform version for a while.

Edit posts and comments in the activity stream:

Thanks to its social features, eXo Platform allows its users to post and interact with various types of content through likes, comments and shares. Following customer feedbacks, these features are always updated and worked on with every new release.

The latest version allows users to edit a post or a comment. This way they will be able to rectify an error or attach different types of content (files, images, videos…) without the need to post another time.

Improved event creation interface

The event creation interface has been redesigned for better usability. All the features (add event, time, choose the team calendar, description and attachments) are available within an elegant drawer panel.

Spaces administration

With the new spaces administration feature, administrators now have a way to define and select users who can create and manage spaces.

Mark all as read in Notifications page

Users can now mark all their on-site notifications as read with a single click.

Display Update Notifications in the Browser Tab

Notifications are added to the browser tab right next to the logo which allows users to get notified when they are not actually on the page.

Unread messages badge in mini chat

Keep track of incoming messages while you’ve scrolled up.

Security improvements

Our continuous effort to improve security lead us to change some default permissions to avoid folder listing cases through WebDAV.

Platform RDBMS

We continued to decrease our dependency on JCR for data persistence. Now, the following components rely on the relational database storage for better speed and manageability:

Product information

  • Login history
  • Wiki
  • Files
  • Social
  • Notifications
  • Email queue
  • Settings

What’s next ?

Follow our roadmap page to stay updated on the latest product improvements we are planning for our next releases.

A 30-day trial of the eXo Platform Enterprise Edition is available on the downloads page. It ships as a pre-built docker image. Subscribd customers can get access to the Tomcat bundle through their support channel.

As always, we welcome your feedback, questions and requests. Contact us here if you have any.

On behalf of all the eXo team, we thank you for your support and hope you enjoy another new release of eXo Platform!


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