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eXo ECM 2.1.1 is now available from the eXo customer portal.

Here are the fixes available in that version.

As usual, those fixes will also be available in the next ECM version (2.2) available from the OW2 forge.


  • [ECM-2039] – IE6: Can not download 1 uploaded file twice
  • [ECM-2050] – Problem with emptying the buffer
  • [ECM-2056] – Unknown error when select Tag cloud in special case
  • [ECM-2069] – demo user cannot upload a picture in fckeditor
  • [ECM-2089] – Error and exception when view Browse Content in special case
  • [ECM-2102] – Can not unlock node in special case
  • [ECM-2137] – category is not whole displayed in the list of categories for a document
  • [ECM-2224] – IE: Error in display in [View & Edit Template] in Vista and Mac skin
  • [ECM-2252] – IE 6: Error in display navigation bar when click on [Content Administration] tab
  • [ECM-2258] – Need icons for publication and audit
  • [ECM-2260] – Error in display in Content Browser
  • [ECM-2261] – Error in display sidebar of [System files] drive when view refereneced document
  • [ECM-2309] – Lost right border when view File document (mime type: text/plain)
  • [ECM-2311] – Show duplicate File document in Content Browser
  • [ECM-2312] – Some errors in [Advanced search] popup
  • [ECM-2315] – Set align for [Remove Item] and [Add Item] icon in [Metadata] form in Vista skin
  • [ECM-2324] – Error in displaying [Add Relation] pop-up
  • [ECM-2326] – Error in display default language with image file
  • [ECM-2327] – IE6: Error in displaying [Read Ideas]
  • [ECM-2328] – IE6: Error when view content of document
  • [ECM-2333] – [Basic Action] Can not unlock sub node after rename parent node
  • [ECM-2336] – Should display full editor
  • [ECM-2338] – IE6+7: Error in displaying form when add constraint in advanced search
  • [ECM-2339] – Should change some forms
  • [ECM-2341] – Error when add relation for node
  • [ECM-2348] – Can not view content of File Plan document
  • [ECM-2350] – Error in [Permission Browser] popup when select permission for exo:workflowAction
  • [ECM-2352] – The root has no right to perform the publication workflow’s action
  • [ECM-2375] – Lost border in [Select permission] pop-up in Vista and Mac skin
  • [ECM-2376] – Do not display any documents after view some documents when config for Content Browser using script
  • [ECM-2381] – Can not view image in [Version Info] pop-up
  • [ECM-2382] – [Unknown error] when cut related document and paste into folder
  • [ECM-2383] – [Unknown error] when rename related document
  • [ECM-2384] – Can not rename sub node while parent node is being locked by user who is not locker
  • [ECM-2385] – Error in displaying [Node Type Information] popup when node has many tabs
  • [ECM-2389] – Can not view image file when ‘Name’ field has space character at the end
  • [ECM-2390] – Can not get mail using exo:getMailAction
  • [ECM-2397] – IE6: Error in displaying [System files] drive of File Explorer
  • [ECM-2398] – Lost border of TabsContainer in Content Browser
  • [ECM-2400] – Error in displaying File Explorer after do search
  • [ECM-2403] – Error in displaying [Advanced Search] pop-up after delete query in ECMAdmin
  • [ECM-2406] – Error in [Ideas] when user doesn’t login
  • [ECM-2408] – In CB, after viewing 1 document in Collaboration ws, if you config for CB with other workspaces, it still displaying paths of Collaboration ws
  • [ECM-2410] – Error in displaying CB after cut/paste folder in File Explorer
  • [ECM-2415] – Error in displaying path in Content Browser after viewing 1 document using tag
  • [ECM-2417] – IE: Error in displaying pop-up message in CB
  • [ECM-2422] – Update configuration to match JCR 1.9.x new tags
  • [ECM-2427] – Can cut/paste node while user has only read permission on parent node
  • [ECM-2437] – Task does not move to root path
  • [ECM-2445] – [Lock folder]: use same user in two diffirent browsers in case lock folder
  • [ECM-2446] – [action tab][Add Document] Add a podcast document when do not input data in ‘Name’ field
  • [ECM-2447] – [lock node] add document for folder has been in locked status
  • [ECM-2448] – [lock node] Can not [delete] sub node while parent node is being locked by user who is not locker
  • [ECM-2449] – Problem when do action in [Admin] tab with locked node
  • [ECM-2451] – Error in File Explorer when view Article document
  • [ECM-2452] – Exception when search by some specific strings
  • [ECM-2460] – [lock node][upload] user locked node can’t upload file into this node
  • [ECM-2461] – FF2: Lost right border of nt:file in cases
  • [ECM-2462] – Error in displaying document
  • [ECM-2467] – Error in displaying document in CB in special case
  • [ECM-2468] – IE: Error in [Comment] popup


  • [ECM-1856] – improve the comment UI
  • [ECM-1985] – Task manager dialog is too small
  • [ECM-2081] – Error when add language for image file in special case
  • [ECM-2230] – Make “is document template” enabled by default in the “Add new template dialog”
  • [ECM-2334] – Need changes to make viewing multi-languages document in pop up more smoothly
  • [ECM-2335] – Need top border for View template form when view from search result
  • [ECM-2399] – List documents when config for CB using Created Documents query
  • [ECM-2425] – Change the color of the publication state image in the publication dialog
  • [ECM-2429] – Update jcr-configuration.xml with new properties name from JCR 1.9.1
  • [ECM-2433] – Switch to use JCR 1.9.2
  • [ECM-2440] – add Dutch (nl) and German (de) locales


  • [ECM-2321] – IE: should change [Edit document] popup when edit 1 uploaded file in Vista skin to see better
  • [ECM-2342] – Should leave the number of base version at the center in [Base version] column
  • [ECM-2380] – Create branch ECM 2.1.1
  • [ECM-2391] – Change the ‘Cancel’ button to ‘Close’ button in [Permission Management] pop-up
  • [ECM-2407] – IE6: Should change the size of text in File document
  • [ECM-2413] – Do not display task in Business Process Center when add workflow action for node
  • [ECM-2432] – change content of warming message when click on comment but don’t select document
  • [ECM-2464] – Change border of [Select member] pop-up when add permission for node in Vista and Mac skin
  • [ECM-2465] – FF: Need top border when displaying Kofax document in Content Browser
  • [ECM-2466] – Release ECM 2.1.1
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