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I am proud to tell you that the next 2.5 release of eXo Portal will provide support for right-to-left languages such as Arab or Hebrew. The feature is developed for our customers based in Middle East.

RTL eXo Portal
RTL eXo Portal

For that matter we designed the RTL framework (maybe we need to find a better name) which provides the tools to display the portal and its applications with the right to left direction, all of that is of course explained on the RTL wiki page.

One goal of the framework is to minimize the amount of work to provide when an application is RTLized. We have a service that mirrors images on the fly for symmetric images. That avoids the creation and maintenance of symmetric images.

By the way, if you look at the screenshot you will realize that the “eXo Portal” logo is inverted. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!!! More seriously as we did not have yet the background picture in RTL format we used the image mirroring service to create a mirrored version :-).

We have in the pipe a similar service for CSS stylesheets that is able to analyze a CSS and apply rules to create an RTL version. I’ll tell you more later…

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