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The eXo Enterprise WebOS is a revolutionary enterprise product that will change the life of many people in large companies and public organizations.

Even before the official launch – in September – of the final and supported version, our pipeline is full and eXo have signed huge historical deals (more info on those soon).

But there is something even better than the product itself, this is the eXo team. More than 50 developers spread over 3 countries (France, Ukraine and Viet Nam) working full time on an Open Source project. This is rare and for sure eXo Platform Inc is in the top 10 largest company in the OSS world (refer to ohloh for instance).

Employees are young, motivated and most of them want to change the world and the internet UI. They work at eXo because they believe in the product future and because they have fun together (check the dinner photo during my last trip in Ha Noi or the evening with Phuong and Tuan. I have some from my last trip in Cherkassy – Ukraine – but not sure I would ever publish them maybe Gennady will 🙂 ).

I am pretty sure it would have been impossible to build such a distributed team with so many talents in a usual and hierarchical company. Thanks to OSS agile methodology we have been able to scale and employ more and more people (and the growth is not over!) that we split in several small teams (up to 5 people) with a charismatic leader. Each team is responsible of its own projects and of the integration with the projects they use (our bug traker contains more than 1000 entries for just eXo ECM 2).

Here are several of our teams:

  • Specification and Documentation team
  • QA team (test on several OS and commercial application servers for the subscription edition)
  • Web Design team
  • Portlet Container team
  • Portal / WebOS team
  • Java Content Repository team
  • Enterprise Content Management team
  • Collaboration Suite team

The process is quite simple and some tasks can be handled one after the other or in a distributed way. Hence the specification team works hand to hand with our webdesign team to create full story boards of the application we are building (to be included in the distributions or for custom works for some clients). The web design team also regroups people that makes HTML/CSS out of photoshop images, but this task is done at the same time our java developers are making the service API and their implementations. Finally, javascript developers and portlets one glue all that together before the QA team finalize the products. Simple and efficient…

Whatch out, the world is changing. I will conclude this note with a sentence used in Hoa signature (Hoa is one of the eXo ECM project leaders): “The only way to invent future, is to make it”

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I'm Chief Executive Officer of eXo (The Open Source Digital workplace), a company I founded just out of university to serve its first customer, the U.S. Department of Defense. I'm also board Member at, an association of software vendors that provides its members with employee recognition software.

  1. “The only way to invent future, is to make it”, I preferred by far the one that Marc wrote 🙂 “Coding the Future”!!!

    I am glad to see the story of open source becoming professional becoming again a reality!

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