Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Platform Up-to-Date

Whether it’s maintenance, minor or major versions, or patches, eXo periodically provides its customers with new product improvements to support them in achieving their goals under the best conditions.
keep platform up-to-date


Each new release introduces a set of improvements that usually fall into one of the following categories:
 Reinforcing the security and privacy of your intranet
 Improving features and reliability
 Improving platform management and interoperability
 Increasing performance and efficiency
Let’s take a look at the top benefits of keeping a system up-to-date—especially when it’s as important as your collaborative intranet platform.

1. Improved security for more peace of mind

Security deserves the first spot on this list, given its importance for your intranet system. We see your intranet as a centerpiece in your IT infrastructure, a vital tool for employee productivity and a place where critical data of your organization is maintained. A modern digital workplace is accessible through the internet, often allowing numerous remote users and various means of access, which multiplies the risks and makes security even more important.

For this reason, every new release comes with the latest security patches to fix any security vulnerabilities that have been detected by eXo’s dedicated security team or by its clients (some of whom are organizations where security is a top priority).

2. Consistently improving employee efficiency

Technology is all about supporting rapid development. An intranet solution that does not evolve to follow employee productivity and collaboration trends soon becomes obsolete, failing to meet the requirements and needs of today’s workplace.
Thanks to client and community feedback (i.e., from people who use eXo Platform on a daily basis), bug reports and improvement ideas show up at a healthy rate. One of the main goals of a new release is to take these into consideration and bring fixes and improvements, allowing users to work efficiently and ideally increase their overall productivity when using the platform.

3. Optimizing the management of the platform and its supported environments

We know that eXo Platform is a central part of your IT infrastructure. So it must connect effectively and easily to the different enterprise environment solutions and business tools that you intend to use it with. Using the latest release provides a higher level of compatibility and coherence with your IT ecosystem, reducing the effort needed to manage the platform.
Because every version has a known date when support ends, keeping your system up-to-date allows you to enjoy the continuous support of the eXo team so you can get help whenever you need it.

4. Getting more out of your collaboration platform

A new release often brings new opportunities. At eXo, we work continually to bring you new functionality and solutions to meet your expectations and evolving use cases. Improvements of this sort allow you to more effectively achieve your intranet goals and face new needs when they appear.
These four benefits are based on the recommendations eXo makes to its clients every day. They clearly justify keeping your intranet up-to-date! Maintaining this level of commitment to the good health of the intranet platform gives the platform manager peace of mind, helps your staff work more effectively, protects your intranet ROI, and makes you ready for future business challenges.
On that note, stay tuned for upcoming releases of your collaboration solution and be sure to put the next update on your schedule. As always, do not hesitate to tell us your feedback and expectations!
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