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After adding support for Box.com, we are introducing major new improvements to our Cloud Drive add-on: you can now upload and organize your cloud files directly from eXo Documents.


Cloud Drive now offers seamless synchronization and read-write access to remote files. You can use copy-cut-paste operations to copy or move files inside their drives as with any other documents in eXo. It is also possible to remove and rename files and use drag-and-drop to move between folders. All changes will be automatically synchronized with the cloud services of the connected account.


The copy-cut-paste operations have also been adapted to allow files to be pasted outside the connected drives folders. If a file in a drive is copied, it can be pasted outside the drive folder as a symbolic link to that file. In this way, a user can share files from the cloud in other locations inside eXo repository. These links behave as normal files and show cloud documents embedded in Documents explorer. This opens up more channels for collaborating on files inside a user space or intranet.

Another major improvement is automatic synchronization, which happens transparently in the background. If remote modifications are detected in an open folder, the browser will reload the list of documents in it automatically.

Other changes to the add-on include bug fixes in uninstallation and the user interface, and an improved algorithm for synchronizing files with more tolerant error handling. We have also stabilized the internal API for connectors, which can be used to implement support for more cloud services.

You can download eXo Platform and the Cloud Drive add-on from the eXo Community site.

The GitHub page for developers and contributors is https://github.com/exo-addons/cloud-drive-extension/.

Try Cloud Drive live on the demo server.

Stay tuned!

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