Vietnam to go Open Source

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The Vietnamese government has just announced it will widely adopt Open Source Software. An instruction has been published and says that, by june 30th of this year, all servers of internal IT divisions must be equipped with Open Source software. Simultaneously, a project has been unveiled to invest VND38 billion (US$2.23 million) to upgrade the current government website into a portal from now to 2010. Focus will be given on exchanging dematerialized documents between government and agencies (G2G), government and citizens (G2C), government and business (G2B).

This strong commitment will undoubtedly snowball in the IT trends of Vietnam, a country that counts 86M people and plans to increase its GDP by 6.5% next year, despite the global downturn. eXo Platform has been initially cofounded both in France and Vietnam, hence its strong presence in that country. The South East Asia branch now employs 55 developers, which makes eXo one of the major Open Source projects “made in Vietnam”. Partnerships have been engaged recently with IT partners.

eXo Portal, Enterprise Content Management and Collaborative solutions, based on the maturity obtained in Western countries, are more than ever ready to address the domestic market.

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