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It goes without saying that mobile devices have become a vital part of both our personal and working lives. The overwhelming majority of end-users often favor the freedom to connect to their favorite applications from either their desktop or mobile devices. 

In fact, according to a Preficient study, mobile has surpassed desktop in the last couple of years in terms of website visits as it amounts to 61% of all traffic compared to 35% for desktop. With this in mind, tech companies have started to take a mobile first approach when developing their applications. 

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When it comes to intranets and digital workplace solutions, delivering on the promise of convenience and instant connectivity has become the number one priority. With employees often working remotely or on the go, it is only natural that they would expect and need their digital workplace at all times to connect with their peers and generally get things done.

Throughout our various eXo Platform releases, we have often worked on enhancing the mobile experience and delivering one similar if not superior to desktop. Having worked jointly with eXoers, clients and community members, our feature teams have been able to collect valuable feedback and pinpoint any new areas of improvements.

Now without further ado, let’s discover the new additions to the mobile application.

1. Compatibility with iOS 15

Following the general availability of iOS 15 earlier this year, we have worked on making the eXo mobile application fully compatible with iOS’ latest release. Our feature teams looked at the new behaviour changes and then performed a thorough test campaign to make sure the app runs smoothly for an optimal user experience. From this version onwards, we would test and publish updates regularly to allow iOS users to upgrade their eXo app with ease.

2. Authentication via QR code

For the new mobile app, we have introduced authentication via QR code as a new way with which users can log in to their accounts. eXo Platform users have a QR code associated with their accounts which they can access through the account settings. To access the platform, users would have to simply scan their QR code using a two-factor authentication application such as FreeOTP, and they are instantly logged into the app.

3. A new onboarding design

Upon accessing the app, users would have a detailed onboarding path designed to help them quickly and securely access the app. To make the process more intuitive, we have opted to include GIFs showcasing each step in further detail. The GIFs are available in English and French as of now, but plans are already in place to include more languages. 

The path involves three main steps
  • Display the QR code from the account settings: As mentioned earlier, each eXo Platform user has a QR code associated with his/her account.
  • Scan the QR code: Using a third party authentication app such as FreeOTP or Google Authenticator, users can scan their QR code and register their trusted device.
  • Enter the password: Upon logging in to the app, the OTP app will generate a six to eight-digit password that users would have to enter.
  • Visualize unread notifications

Notifications are a big part of the mobile experience, in addition to push notifications (that we introduced a while back), eXo Platform users now have the possibility to visualize unread notifications through a dedicated badge. The latter is displayed as a circle with the number of unread notifications on the corner of the app’s icon. 

4. A host of UX and UI improvements

For the new mobile app, we have brought a host of UX and UI improvements to provide our users with the optimal mobile experience. Whether on smartphones or tablets, the app is based on a responsive design and on the latest mobile UX and UI techniques and best practices. Users can communicate, collaborate and share knowledge with ease in a similar manner as to what they are used to on their desktops, which can only guarantee long term adoption and engagement. 

The new mobile application is currently available on iOS with plans to launch the android version in the coming weeks. You can find the download link here.

As always, we encourage you to test the app and provide your feedback here.

If you would like to know more about our latest news and upcoming releases make sure to visit the roadmap and take the blog tour. To see eXo Platform in action, we invite you to contact us and book a demo with our expert consultants.

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