A digital workplace to provide stakeholders with the right tools to communicate and get things done.
The Alpes-Maritimes ADMR Federation supports 34 local associations managed by volunteers. It employs highly qualified personnel for supporting elderly and vulnerable people spread across different regions in France.

ADMR's vision is to assist elderly, frail, or disabled people and to break their isolation. It provides a variety of services, including:

  • Home help

  • Support for families

  • Tele-assistance services

  • Childcare

  • Micro-crèche

  • Nursing services


ADMR needed to implement a collaborative solution in order to properly conduct and organize its various activities, such as family support, home care and daily assistance for elderly and/or disabled people.

Such operations, coupled with a growing and diverse workforce consisting of administrative and on-site staff as well as volunteers, require constant follow-up actions, support and real-time interactions and a centralized knowledge base to keep records.

Additionally, the recent pandemic brought new challenges and further accelerated the project plan. Remote working has become a necessity and ADMR had to adapt its policies and processes to maintain regular levels of performance and service as well as to guarantee the safety of its staff and patients.

Why eXo?

A complete solution to foster collaboration amid the recent pandemic

eXo Platform was selected and then deployed as ADMR’s new digital workplace following an initial evaluation period that only took a couple of days and in which the project team tested the platform’s capabilities and provided access to different teams.

The decision was particularly driven by the ability of the platform to cover most of the project’s requirements, with its large array of social and collaborative features, as well as its ability to easily integrate with existing legacy systems and third-party applications.

The impact

Streamlined communication and easy access to information

The platform was deployed in February 2020 and included 100 engaged users. The use cases for the platform revolved around communication, cross-team collaboration and knowledge sharing.

First, HR specialists, who are tasked with curating and posting corporate-related information, such as news, updates and job postings, have been able to keep all personnel, both those who work on-site and those who work remotely, informed and engaged. This was made possible thanks to the advanced content management capabilities and built-in features of the system, such as news and wikis. For example, when a user logs in to the platform, he/she can visualize and interact with the latest news, press releases and events. This resulted in an increase in engagement rates and a stronger sense of belonging.

When it comes to collaboration and knowledge sharing, the teams at ADMR have widely adopted collaborative spaces on the platform to get things done. Each space is a central location for teams or projects and contains a variety of built-in apps, such as document and project management, wiki, chat, calendar and more. For example, teams have been using the chat application to keep in touch and exchange information. Furthermore, the document library within each space acts as a centralized location, where staff can easily access a variety of content.
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