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Interarts is an independent non-profit organization that has been promoting human development through culture since 1995. The organization works in different areas, including applied research, cultural cooperation, knowledge transfer and consultancy.

From its headquarters in Barcelona and offices in Lima, Peru and Pristina, Kosovo, interarts carries out its international activities through and with an extensive network of partner organizations and professionals.


In recent years, the number of efforts and organizations dedicated to safeguarding endangered cultural heritage and combating illegal trade has notably increased. Despite this, these endeavors often lack integration, hindering effective result-sharing and issue resolution. Therefore, there's a growing need for a solution that can unite diverse stakeholders, providing a central platform for consortium members to share expertise and findings.

Introducing NETCHER - the NETwork and digital platform for Cultural Heritage Enhancing and Rebuilding project. This initiative unites seven European entities in the pursuit of establishing a European-level social platform and a repository of best practices. NETCHER marks a significant step in employing modern technologies to address challenges related to cultural goods trafficking and looting.

The project's management team outlined specific criteria for achieving these objectives. The solution needed to incorporate a range of features that would enable stakeholders to:

  • Easily access, share and store information through a centralized knowledge base

  • Collaborate on projects and share expertise

  • Communicate in real time and organize meetings

Why eXo?

An all-in-one social platform

Through a series of demonstrations and meetings, eXo Platform’s solutions team was able to gather all the necessary information and use cases to develop a dedicated instance for the NETCHER project. This allowed the project management team to test the platform’s various features.

At the end of the evaluation period, eXo was chosen because of its capacity to cover most of the project’s requirements. These include social and collaborative features, knowledge management and content management capabilities.

The impact

Connected teams and effective collaboration

The platform was initially introduced in September 2019, targeting 100 users. Its reception was positive, leading to widespread adoption among various stakeholders. It effectively served as a centralized hubfor communication and collaboration on diverse projects.

One standout feature is the chat application, heavily used for team coordination and meeting facilitation. Users can assign tasks, upload documents, and create events directly within the application.

The integrated document library simplifies storage and organization. Real-time co-editing aids collaborative document work, enabling change tracking, version comparison, and knowledge consolidation, ultimately boosting team efficiency.

Collaborative spaces form the core of the solution. Each secure space is dedicated to a team or project and comes with prebuilt applications for enhanced collaboration. These spaces are where teams primarily operate, accessing project updates, collaborating, and sharing information.

The project team expresses a willingness to extend trust in eXo, planning to include more users and explore forthcoming innovative features.
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