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In 1992, the Empresa Mixta Metanol de Oriente (or Metor) SA was established. Its main shareholders are Petroquímica de Venezuela, SA (PEQUIVEN), Mitsubishi Corporation, and Mitsubishi Gas Chemical, Inc.

The vision of the shareholders is to promote the development of the national petrochemical industry, and to take advantage of the availability of abundant reserves of associated natural gas in the eastern part of Venezuela.

Metor has a large and diverse workforce specialised in operations, maintenance, and other areas spread across the company’s various sites.


Disconnected teams and a lack of collaboration

Metor had in place a document management system (DMS) where employees could store, organise, and access all sorts of information.

The disadvantage of these types of standalone solutions is that they often lack the collaborative and social layers that enable users to perform additional actions, such as staying constantly informed about the company’s latest news and activities, interacting with shared content, or collaborating effectively on projects. More often than not, the absence of such features can lead to ineffective processes and a disengaged workforce that will use other platforms to get in touch and collaborate, such as messaging apps or even social media platforms. This can put the network’s security at risk.

This prompted Metor to consider an all-in-one digital workplace solution that could firstly replace its DMS, and then build on it with additional features such as collaborative spaces, instant messaging, project management, integrations with third-party applications, and much more.

Why eXo?

Metor looked at a number of digital workplace solutions with the potential to achieve the project’s objectives. However, after being shown eXo Platform in action, following a series of product demonstrations, the team decided to build its project on eXo Platform.

Simplicity, ease of use, and a large array of features that cover the whole digital collaborative scope made eXo Platform the best choice for Metor.

The impact

Upon deploying the platform, the project team realised that a general deployment of the platform would be a simple and straightforward process, thanks mainly to the constant presence of our expert consultants throughout this critical phase. This helped Metor to quickly transfer data from its existing systems and make the platform available for general use in late 2016.

Since the initial deployment of the platform to around 300 users, various teams at Metor witnessed a sharp increase in engagement rates. This has been particularly due to the platform’s capacity to streamline communications, enabling employees to create, post, and share articles in public activity streams or private spaces.

Furthermore, performing daily operations and collaborating on projects has been made easy with collaborative spaces. Each space groups together multiple useful features, such as:

  • a document library to easily store, organise, and access documents;

  • a project management function to schedule, assign, and track tasks;

  • a shared calendar to schedule regular meetings, organise events, etc;

  • an instant messaging app to help members of the same space to communicate instantly and securely.

Following favourable feedback, the project team at Metor has renewed trust in eXo Platform. The team has also expressed its readiness to extend the platform further by making use of some of our forthcoming releases and new features.
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