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The local government of Val d’Oise in France is located just outside Paris and serves over one million citizens. It is in charge of the administration of local resources for infrastructure, school transportation, housing, sanitation, education and other social services. Nearly 4,000 administrative officers are employed by the local government, organized into various departments and project-specific groups.


Get closer and work better together

The local government of Val d’Oise wanted to implement a digital collaboration platform to improve collaboration between administrative staff spread across several departments at numerous geographically distributed sites.

Finding a solution capable of standardizing access to numerous business applications, relaying institutional information and supporting collaborative exchanges was crucial to facilitate work on daily cross-departmental projects.

Why eXo?

A complete and flexible solution

eXo Platform was selected through a public call for tenders initiated by the local government's IT department. The qualification process involved a grading matrix, and eXo Platform excellently met the criteria for a comprehensive digital collaboration hub capable of integrating various functionalities into a single solution. These functionalities encompassed an enterprise portal, web content management, enterprise content management, wikis, forums, and enterprise social networking.

For more than 7 years our renewed choice of eXo has been fully satisfying. Working directly with eXo leads to great results.
Mariana Militaru - Intranet Lead, Val d’Oise Department
eXo Platform's status as an open-source software aligned with the recommendations of the governing ministry for all public organizations in France, making it a suitable choice for Val d'Oise. Its competitive maintenance fees were an added advantage, leading the department to trust and continue using eXo since 2010.

Furthermore, eXo Platform's built-in internal social network, which allows employees to create collaborative spaces for various departments and projects, added to its appeal for Val d'Oise. The decision was also influenced by the platform's seamless integration into Val d'Oise's technical and organizational environment through role-specific and department-specific applications

The impact

Closer collaboration for improved collective efficiency

The organization’s officers feel better informed of collective actions and have at their disposal the applications, documents, guides and instruction manuals that they require for their daily work. The availability of the solution on mobile devices and tablets on responsive mode facilitated collaboration between officers who are on the go.
With eXo, 4,000 officers spread over more than 20 teams work more closely with each other. eXo exhibits our files, our conversations and our business tools, helping us to work better together.
Mariana Militaru - Intranet Lead, Val d’Oise Department
The aim of bringing the officers closer to each other so that they can work together better has definitely been met. Approximately 200 collaborative spaces have spontaneously emerged.

A large number of project spaces have been created, including best practice communities (purchasing, archiving) and “High School 2030” - a projection on high schools of the future. The “Business Watch” space (on topics like IT, purchasing, finance) is also popular. There are even leisure time common interest communities (after work ideas, music, cooking).
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