Modernize TIM's enterprise cloud services portfolio by offering its SMB clients a complete and easy-to-use team collaboration solution
TIM is the leading Italian information and communications and telecommunications services provider.

TIM is present in both Italy and Brazil. with respectively 31.6 million mobile lines and 19.3 million fixed accesses in Italy and 56.6 million mobile lines in Brazil.

In Italy, TIM is covering 80% of households reached with their fixed ultra-broadband network and over 98% of the population covered by LTE, while in Brazil 3,138 cities covered by 4G.


Hosting and cloud management services for client companies are an important growth factor for telecommunications services providers today. TIM decided to modernize its portfolio of enterprise cloud services by offering a complete, cloud-hosted and enterprise-ready digital workplace software product targeting small-to-medium businesses.

This project was driven by the new Smart Working initiative promoted by the Italian government. The Smart Working initiative aims to leverage modern technologies to allow employees to work more efficiently through modern tools and more flexible by enabling remote work scenarios. In addition to that, it aims to help organizations boosts productivity and employee engagement as well as to reduce costs.

Why eXo?

A complete enterprise-ready platform that is highly flexible and extensible

The Digital Workplace solution will be launched under the name TIM WorkTM. It will offer an off-the-shelf software solution with various features covering the main employee engagement and digital collaboration use cases today. This includes team collaboration through workspaces, productivity tools, enterprise social networking, chat, video conferencing, calendars and more.

In addition to a rich feature set, TIM chose eXo Platform for its flexibility and extensibility. TIM was able to adapt and customize the platform to meet its own unique vision and to integrate with several cloud applications that it provides such as its email service, calendar, and VoIP service, but also with its own cloud infrastructure and storage allowing its clients to view and access their data and files securely through TIM WorkTM, powered by eXo Platform.

The impact

Modernize TIM's cloud offering to help SMBs with their digital transformation

TIM goal is to reach 50,000 end-users by the end of the first year of the product's rollout. As part of the Smart Working initiative, TIM WorkTM will be referenced in reference catalogs for local governments and administrations in Italy.

TIM expects businesses adopting TIM Work to see enhancements in their productivity, improved employee connectivity, and reduced absenteeism by enabling them to work even remotely or when on the go. The product promotes work efficiency, flexibility, and better work-life balance as well as allowing these companies to see cost reductions.
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